June gloom? Not over at Spank HQ, and let’s just say the temperatures aren’t the only things going up. As the world begins to open back up post-pandemic, we’re taking full advantage of our newfound liberties. We’re not ones to kiss and tell, but here’s a little debrief of what we’ve been up to.

Happy Pride!

To all our LGBTQIA friends, fans, colleagues and content creators, Happy Post-Pandemic Pride Month! As much as we love some good rainbow merch, we prefer to show our support with our actions. …

Talk about a spring awakening… This past month was full of steamy new updates over at Spank HQ. We’re vaxxed, some of us are waxed, and we are all ready for action. Despite some ups and downs in the good ole crypto-sphere, we’re hitting (and not quitting) all our 2021 goals. Haven’t been keeping up? Have no fear, our May Newsletter is here!

News schmoose — crypto is healing (sort of)

As Captain Obvious would tell you, cryptocurrency is inherently volatile. We’re experiencing some turbulence, but it’s all part of the ride. …

Smells like DeFi Spirit (and Weed)!

Cha-ching! Cha-ching!

For all our SpankPay users who held their funds in BTC at the end of 2020, congratulations! It nearly doubled. Those who kept your cash ETH, your assets almost tripled! That is until Elon Musk decided to give the market a dry hand job with his announcement that Tesla would no longer accept payments in cryptocurrencies. Despite the Musky fuckery, all you crypto cuties are still in the green.

And it’s not just the top two that haul in the big cash. One of our favorite moments came from SPANK token holder…

Spring has officially sprung, and everything’s coming up roses over at Spank HQ. Temperatures aren’t the only things heating up as we step into the new season. 2021 just keeps getting steamier as we roll out sexy new features and updates to improve our platform. Here’s the latest for those of you who haven’t been keeping up.

Friendly reminder

Back in February, we rolled out international banking support for SpankPay. If you bank in China, Hong Kong, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, or anywhere in Europe, you can withdraw your funds and transfer them abroad. Cue our world take over in 3, 2, 1…


It looks like we’re the April fools. On the first of the month we tried to pull a fast one on you guys with a fake Twitter announcement for Pop Shots, a new NSFW NFT platform inspired by the popular basketball trading card collectible platform, NBA Top Shot.

Turns out the joke’s on us because you guys take NFTitties quite seriously. Now, we’re making Pop Shot happen. Keep reading for all the sexy deets…


Pop Shots will be sold in packs, with 5 different types of randomly selected cards to collect, based on…

It may still be cold outside, but things have been nothing but hot and hotter over at SpankHQ. Our Valentine’s Day celebration was a wild success, and we finished out the month strong with lots of exciting updates. Gird your loins, ladies and gents, and read on for all the highlights.

Spank Pay goes Global

It was only a matter of time before Spank took the world by storm, and now that Spank Pay has enabled international transfers, we’re well on our way. …

2021 may have gotten off to a bit of a bumpy start, but we’re happy to report that things have been going just swimmingly at Spank HQ. Despite the pandemic, we have every intention of making good on our New Year’s resolutions and hitting all our targets this year.

Start your engines: 2021 Roadmap

Improving SpankPay is our top priority right now, and we have some ambitious goals! First things first, we’re updating our banking options to support EU, UK, and Australian banks so we can be inclusive of our friends across the ponds. We’re also exploring direct deposit to…

2020 is almost behind us, and despite the wild roller coaster it’s been, SpankChain is ending this clusterf*ck of a year on a high note. We’ve accomplished so much and we have even more to look forward to as a company, but we’re not the only ones finishing strong this year. 2020 was the year that proved crypto is here to stay, and the adult industry is thriving. So, without any further ado, here’s some good news to ring in the New Year.

COVID who?

It wouldn’t be an end of year recap without talking about the viral elephant in…

At least we didn’t come early… We know it’s been a while, but better late than never, and we are happy to report Spank is set to finish 2020 strong. We’re squashing bugs and taking names, so getting ready for a big 2021 — HUGE. We’ve seen more and more models sign up over the past month (thanks, everyone), and they’ve been helping us make SpankPay even better (double thanks).

Home for the holidays

Save the political debates for another year, 2020 has been tense enough. Instead, seize your homeward bound holiday to educate friends and family on the virtues of crypto and the…

With Halloween and the elections behind us, Team Spank is thrilled to have a bucket of sexy treats to share with our community. Hold onto your pumpkins, witches, here’s how the spookiest month of the year went at Spank HQ.

UNI: Drop it like it’s hot

As a token (crypto pun intended) to all loyal our SPANK token supporters, we’ve decided to pay some of our serendipitous UNI forward to our supporters. How’s that for a sweet treat? To claim your UNI or to find out if you’re eligible, click here. …


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