A SpankMatch Is a Better Match

5 min readApr 24, 2024


Picture this:

You’re about to do a shoot, but it’s not your standard-issue model shoot. You suspect you could be made to feel vulnerable in the most intimate situations imaginable. Even worse, it’s with someone you have only just met. If you’re lucky, you may have seen their pictures or content before. Oh, and it wasn’t you, but your agent, who set this whole thing up.

Your livelihood and reputation are on the line, so you decide you better go ahead and get on with it. After all, you’re a professional, and you tell yourself you can make anything work. You can make it work even if you don’t know the person you’re acting with. You can make it work even when the director gets overly excited. And after making it work, you may still have difficulty getting paid. You made it work, but you might have signed some ridiculously long and convoluted contract that will hold you hostage for years. You made it work, and at the end of it all, even if your content is a wild success, it’s the producers who make the money, not you.

How about we try another familiar situation: Let’s say you decide to be brave and reach out to the netherworld that is Twitter/X or Telegram, and you go it alone. There’s no agent to blame this time. After sifting through a hellscape of fan accounts, you find someone you might actually want to work with, and you start a conversation. After some back and forth, you decide they might actually be real and trust this person as best you can. You agree on a scene and where to meet up, but you still don’t really know who this person is or whether or not they are legitimate content creators. The internet is full of fakes, frauds, and AI. It’s getting easier and easier to lie about who you are online, and you can’t be sure of who you’re talking to. But your fans want content, so you go ahead and, once again, you make it work not knowing for sure what might happen.

This doesn’t work for us, and it shouldn’t work for you.

We recognize that the scenarios we just played out are unfortunate facts of life for some adult performers, and we believe they deserve better. Every time they want to collaborate with someone, they are faced with the difficult dilemma- they choose to trust an agent who likely takes a ridiculous cut of their pay and may or may not have their interests in mind, or they decide to take their career and content into their own hands by tempting fate with a DM to a stranger on a social media platform.

The plight of adult performers and content creators is only aggravated by the fact that governments, banks, and social media conglomerates are doing everything they can to crack down on legal adult content at the state and federal levels, denying performers and producers access to basic services. Talk about throwing salt on a wound. Meanwhile, these regulators are often patrons themselves. Unfortunately, popular platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Patreon, Twitch, and hundreds of others are rapidly deplatforming all NSFW content. These aggressive bans often happen without warning, leaving adult creators with no way to communicate or reconnect with networks they have spent years building.

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And when it comes to agents, they aren’t always on the side of the people they are supposed to be protecting and advocating for. Many take advantage of creators (young female creators, in particular) and will book talent according to their own biases and preferences. The less scrupulous ones will not hesitate to create predatory contracts and put creators in unsafe situations. And some agents are straight-up scam artists. They pretend to be in the business of representation, but in reality, they just want to find ways to shoot content to satisfy their personal interests, and performers become their pawns.

That’s why we do what we do. SpankChain is a crypto-adult company founded in 2017. Since our inception, we have been dedicated to building products to serve the adult industry in a world that doesn’t afford them the protections and liberties they rightly deserve. We’ve always put performers first, and we want to empower them as the visionary entrepreneurs they truly are. Our fight doesn’t stop at our own technology. We’ve been making waves on Capitol Hill alongside our friends at the FSC, fighting some very real legislative battles and counting our wins in Congress.

With our new product SpankMatch, performers can enjoy access to a rapidly growing, private network of established adult talent and take back control over their careers by becoming their own advocates. By representing themselves, creators can call all the shots when it comes to when and how they work, what kinds of projects they sign on to, and who they choose to work with. Over the next several months, many new features will be deployed, and users can look forward to messaging, a travel schedule functionality, and so much more.

All users must pass age verification before they can apply to be verified. Once accepted, they start by sharing their interests, preferences, and links to previous work. As a precaution, SpankMatch requires that all users have previous experience shooting content with others. We believe this decision will protect the safety and integrity of the platform as well as the quality of the SpankMatch experience.

No more shame, no more b.s., no more missed connections or opportunities! SpankMatch lets you make the content you actually want to make, on your own terms, with people you actually want to work with. Sign up today at https://spankmatch.com/auth/register, and tell all your friends!




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