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3 min readJan 4, 2024



Season’s greetings from Team Spank. This November we were feeling extra grateful for all the hard work we’ve done this year, plus some major recent updates and strides we’re thrilled to share. So get ready, turkeys. It’s time to gobble, gobble all the good news!


Let’s get political

SpankChain has been a long-time vocal advocate of the Free Speech Coalition (FSC). In recent weeks, we’ve been taking some major meetings with important people to make waves, and we mean like the hang-10-and-pray kind of waves — like the kind of waves that haven’t been seen in 30 years according to our friends at the FSC. Stay tuned for our latest updates.

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Calling all history buffs…

The revolutionary history of SpankChain has been a winding and bumpy road, and every one of those wins and hurdles has made us who we are today. For those just joining our community and those who may not have the full picture, SpankU put together an entertaining article on all the chapters of the ongoing saga that is SpankChain with a few friendly reminders about what it is we do, why we’re doing it, and what makes us different. Check it out!

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Sharing is caring

Contrary to what some self-proclaimed moralists will tell you, any legitimate performers and professionals in the adult industry are passionate about keeping the content they make far away from where kids can watch it. That’s why SpankU also collaborated with industry thought leader Holly Randal to create a video on porn filters and how to prevent children from accessing sensitive content on their mobile devices with a few simple steps. The more you know…

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Happy Spanksgiving

We’d like to wish our entire community a very happy belated Thanksgiving. For those of you who have been with us for the ups and downs since we launched in 2017 to the new faces just discovering our mission, we couldn’t do what we do without you, so spank you very much!

To celebrate the holiday Team Spank got together for a double-header anniversary and Thanksgiving feast. Models came, good food was eaten, and a lot of fun was had.

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SpankMate of the Month: Mistress Natalia

Think you were all out of spanks to give? Maybe you could take a spank or two then? Get ready to beg for mercy and meet our SpankMate of the month, Meet Mistress Natalia. The buxom blonde bombshell may look like Barbie, but don’t let this doll face fool you. You’re her toy and not the other way around.

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