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Spoiler: this is not the 69th newsletter we’ve ever written. You may have noticed a few formatting modifications to our monthly updates over the past year, and we’re finally introducing a new title too. To be totally honest, we actually have no idea how many of these things we’ve published, but 69 seemed like the most appropriate number to kick off this sexy fresh start, because well, duh.


Convention season

Hollywood has award season, but Spank has convention season. January was quite the sexy schmooze fest, and Team Spank made appearances at both Xbiz and AVN.

As part of the Xbiz festivities, our friends at the FSC (Free Speech Coalition) hosted a special summit to discuss fairness in banking for adult performers with an incredible panel of speakers and guests, including our very own Allie Knox! We also sponsored a little happy hour get-together to show our love for our FSC friends and everything they do fighting for sex workers’ financial rights!

Ameen and the team also joined PASS for a house party, giving the crew a chance to meet and chat with the absolute saints who do everything they can to keep sex workers safe with easy and discrete STD testing.

While making the rounds at Xbiz and AVN, Rick and Allie took the opportunity to interview models about what kind of financial discrimination they’ve faced. As you might (sadly) expect, answers ranged from full-on account closures to payment app closures.

Some special shout outs are also in order to all our friends both old and new who came to hang and show their support for Spank. We see you @TheNicoleAria, @KrystalDavisXXX, @ladylazarussss, and @123lolarosexxx. And you guys too, @kaycarterxxx, @LanaRyderxxx, @TheCapriCavanni, and @vannabardot.

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Get Matchy with it

Get your Match on and your money too! There’s still time to take advantage of our SpankMatch promo. From now until February 29th, you can earn 800 or more cold American dollars simply by joining the Match community and giving our sexy swag a little cameo in your content. If you’re looking for on-camera inspiration, look no further than Lily Lane and Lady Lazarus, the stars of our very first promo video.

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Be sexy, stay smart

With convention season in full-swing, we were able to do a record amount of filming this past month with the likes of Belle Creed and Bunny Goon. Want more sneak previews? On deck, we’ve got the lovely Zoë Lingon in an episode about sex toys. The brawny Davin Strong buttoned up for a class on RACK (risk aware consensual kink). We even got illustrious adult film producer Fivestar to get behind the camera for a lesson in BDSM.

While you’re waiting for new episodes, make sure to catch our latest releases on STI testing and consent tips. For more brain fuel, read Spank U’s essay on financial discrimination. (Video version coming soon!)

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SpankMate of the Month: Arson Leigh

Did someone light a fire in your pants or are you just happy to see our SpankMate of the Month Arson Leigh? With her pin-up girl looks and bad girl next door tattoos, this absolute baddy had us popping more than the bubbly you can see in her smokeshow of a photoshoot.

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