Sex work is work!

4 min readSep 20, 2023


As many of you are already aware, we rang in 2023 with a bang and a few whimpers. Before we could publish our January Newsletter, we found ourselves in a familiar predicament. SpankPay is down again, and we have to talk about it.

At the beginning of January Spank went down when Wyre had its funding pulled. Being the team players that we are, we understood that this one no one’s fault, and we rallied together to see how we could troubleshoot the situation.

It wasn’t long before Wyre, our longtime partner, received new funding and Spank was up and running again. However, we were cruely betrayed when Wyre unceremoniously announced that they would be suspending their service immediately and indefinitely citing violations of the network rules in our user agreement. And just like that, Spank was offline.

Make no mistake, the so-called “violations” in question are a red herring. The real issue at hand is that SpankPay is being unfairly targeted as a sex work organization. We were shocked and appalled by the company’s sudden mistreatment, and Ameen transparently shared the news on Twitter:

It goes without saying that we are working rapidly to remedy the situation. If you are a SpankPay user, feel free to direct any questions to support@spankchain.com

As we work to come up with a solution, we hope that these events demonstrate just how unjust, unfounded, and prejudicial legacy banking institutions are and just how dire the need is for a free and democratic alternative.

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Spank Makes Moves at AVN

As concerned as we are and have been about SpankPay since the first interruption, the show must go on. In January, we put on our game faces and headed to AVN to promote our latest product, SpankMatch, the future of online adult industry networking. Are you tired of shady productions with questionable “professionals?” We feel you, and that’s why we created this platform. Making content has never been safer or sexier. Now you can work where you want, when you want, and with who you want, all while networking your cute booty off.

Ameen and the sexy team did the good ol’ meet-and-greet and handed out some swanky merch.

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OMW: ETH Denver

Watch out Colorado, Team Spank is at ETH Denver. We’re stoked about seeing familiar faces and getting the chance to make new friends all while talking all things crypto. Having attended more conferences than we can count (#humblebrag), it brings us so much joy to see how this one has grown over the years, and we’re especially excited to check out the new venue.

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Meet Kaiia Eve

SpankMatch: https://spankmatch.com/profile/kaiia_eve

For some, the baddest babes come in small packages. Meet Kaiia Eve, our SpankMate of the Month. Don’t let her pint size fool you, this tatted, 4 ‘11’ ‘ squirt queen and fetish enthusiast will dom you like no one’s business. By the way, boys and girls, this blonde goes both ways. Learn and see more in the spicy interview below.

Q1: What are your career ambitions?

Sucking dick & getting my mom an island.

Q2: Any hidden talents?

Squirting on command.

Q3: What turns you on?

Respecting and paying for my time

Q4: What turns you off?
Fucking losers

Q5: What’s your dream job?

To do nothing.

Q6: What’s your ideal late-night snack?

Cool Ranch Doritos.

Q7: The secret to your heart is ____.

1,000,000,000 USD.

Q8: You love to ____ when no ones looking.

Floss my teeth

Q9: What drives you wild?

Someone taking care of me.

Q10: What do you find sexy in a partner?

Being nice to me.

Q11: You may look innocent but ____.

I literally can fit 3 dicks in my pussy.

Q12: What’s a part of your body you love the most?

My ass.

Q13: What’s your guilty pleasure?

Listening to Breathe Carolina.




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