APRIL 2023

Spank Has Sprung

4 min readSep 20, 2023


We’re feeling the spring fever over at Spank HQ. We’re horny for change, and we’re not just talking about warmer weather. This month, we got physical and political, rubbing shoulders with the movers and shakers of free speech to advocate for sex workers’ rights. If you’re only just coming out of hibernation, here’s what you missed.

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Spank x Free Speech Coalition

Ameen and the team headed to D.C. with 10 members of the Free Speech Coalition to meet with Democrats and Republicans about the state of the adult industry and financial discrimination against adult professionals.

Chats went well with both sides of the party line. This isn’t the Republicans’ first rodeo, as both gun and oil industries are up against similar obstacles; and Democrats have been through a similar wringer with cannabis. No matter where you or we stand on those issues, it was encouraging to be able to see eye to eye on the need for fairness in banking for legal occupations and trades.

While we were there, we shared unique stories of financial discrimination as it relates to many sectors within our industry, from sex toys to content creation, and of course adult crypto. The staffers we consulted suggested that we attach ourselves to existing bills or that we write our own bills and find someone to sponsor it, and we’re happy to say that both are in the works! Our goal is simple: to eliminate financial discrimination for legal professions at the federal level. What does that mean in practice? It means that any legal sex worker could get a business loan, mortgage, or checking account and not have their money seized just like any other upstanding citizen. On the tech side, this kind of policy would protect payment apps (RIP SpankPay). In the long term, we hope these changes will destigmatize sex work and lead to decriminalization.

Policy change is not an efficient process, and it can take a year or two to see some movement. This last trip to D.C. was all about raising awareness, and the next step involves research and marketing to get people to sponsor and sign any bill we put forward. We’re happy to report that we have members of the FSC in our corner and the necessary lobbyists to get the job done as quickly as possible.

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The FSC Are Our Friends

FYI: the FSC has been in the headlines recently and for all the right reasons. Few people have a better understanding of the importance of sex workers’ rights as it relates to free speech, and we are so inspired by the important work the coalition is doing to protect our constitutional rights.

Last night @FSCArmy sued Utah in federal court to block its unconstitutional antiporn law. The law does little to protect minors, but does have a massive chilling effect on legal speech for adults.

Arizona’s age-verification bill is killed — or at least undead — after arguments made by FSC regarding constitutionality and privacy and the availability of device level filters helped sway legislators.

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Gone but Not Forgotten

As most of our readers and community are aware, SpankPay fell victim to the very same kind of discrimination Ameen and the team were fighting against on Capitol Hill. While we have already turned the page, we are thrilled to announce that the Collab.Land documentary about SpankChain and our beloved and dearly departed platform, SpankPay, is live!

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Misty Meaner

If your type is girl-next-door-gone-bad, then buckle up sweet cheeks, because April’s SpankMate of the Month is about to make your wildest wet dreams come true. Misty Meaner is the perfect combination of sugar and spice, not to mention dangerous curves in all the right places. Get to know every inch of this tatted babe in our exclusive photoshoot.

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